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This page will help you to quickly and easily conclude a shipping/forwarding contract with the terminal, you need to follow the instruction below step by step.
View documentation
Read the draft contract, appendices, as well as general and special terms.
Sign a contract by electronic document exchange
Fill in the standard form of a contract, the client's certification form, an additional agreement for work within electronic document exchange, as well as prepare a package of statutory documents. The collected package of documents must be e-mailed to: In the letter of reply, we will assign you the contract number and send the contract for signing via the electronic document exchange.
Get Started
The contract will be registered in the Rolis information portal for further interaction and execution of requests/ autovisits (a single visit of a vehicle to the territory of the Terminal in accordance with the current procedure and rules, for the purpose of containers export /delivery) /distribution of invoices/reports on cargoes at the terminal under the contract. Please send your e-mail address (s) to in order to set up contract reporting.
Melnichuk Vladislav Dmitrievich
Phone: 8-812-600-03-25 ext. 5112, ext. 5144.
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Gayvenis Alisa Gennadievna


“Logistics-Terminal” JSC
196626, St. Petersburg, settlement Shushary,
Moskovskoye Shosse, house 54, lit. A.

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