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St. Petersburg, settlement Shushary, Moskovskoye shosse, 54, lit. A.
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St. Petersburg, settlement Shushary, Moskovskoye shosse, 54, lit. A


The history of JSC "Logistics-Terminal" dates back to 2007 alongside with the start of construction of the terminal by the National Container Company (NCC). The terminal was pre-designed and intended as a rear terminal for NCC port assets, which at that time included the First Container Terminal in St. Petersburg, the NUTEP container terminal in Novorossiysk, the container terminal in Ilyichevsk, and the Baltic container terminal in Ust-Luga.

After the completion of construction in 2010, the terminal began to accept the first containers and handle mixed cargoes. In 2013, "Logistics-Terminal" JSC was taken into possession by the Global Ports as part of NCC’s other terminal assets. The terminal continued to perform the functions of a rear terminal as a member of the Global Ports.

In September 2018, PJSC "Trans Container" closed the deal on the acquisition of a 100% share in the authorized capital of the terminal. At that time, the terminal St. Petersburg-Tovarny-Vitebsky was used as a reference terminal for TransContainer in the St. Petersburg railway junction. Due to the development needs of St. Petersburg, town-planning solution plans for the development of land plots located in the central part of the city which have a production value, the activities of St. Petersburg-Tovarny-Vitebsky terminal were discontinued at the end of 2018.

Logistics-Terminal became a part of the TransContainer terminal network. New services have been added to the terminal profile and today it is one of the largest terminals of the parent Company. Logistics-Terminal regularly dispatches container trains in numerous public container services of TransContainer. At the same time, the previously developed competencies have not been lost. The terminal continues to act as a rear terminal for port terminals and provides container storage services, it serves as a stock for sea liner carriers and freight forwarders, and also processes general cargoes.

General cargoes are received at the terminal by motor transport, in covered cars and containers. The Terminal offers its Customers a full range of general cargo processing services, including storage, labeling, loading into containers and their delivery to the port. As an integral part of TransContainer’s assets, having partnerships with large industrial customers, forwarding organizations, sea liner carriers, Logistics Terminal is constantly developing and increasing the volumes of both cargo and containers handling.
Logistics-Terminal JSC highly values its Clients and sees its mission as the best terminal for efficient and modern logistics services of Clients.


“Logistics-Terminal” JSC
196626, St. Petersburg, settlement Shushary,
Moskovskoye Shosse, house 54, lit. A.

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